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This blog is NSFW, 18+. It is mostly chastity, but also contains femdom.
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Almost all of my posts are reblogs. On the rare occasion that I post something that I found I will include the link to the original. Nothing on here is of me (so far).

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Day 2: Doing things differently this time around. No reward system. Just my master’s wishes. When he feels I’ve earned it I’ll be allowed out. Honestly, I’m hoping to stay locked longer than ever this time. Soon I’m hoping to get a custom fit device or at least a device with a shorter cage. Bit too roomy in here.


smoothie ;)


Getting ready for bed after a nice hot shower :)

Btw, I’m still looking for someone to let me try/lock me in a Holy Trainer chastity device! Read about that here:


The small holy trainer is really small.

Sadly, it fits like a glove. ;-)


i don’t remember where i saw this, but i absolutely love it.

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First night was…. Not that hard, just getting a sleep took a little longer.

A blog of a friend (non chastity)


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Me locked up in chastity again…., Gorgeous!

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Attempting to get hard while watching porn