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This blog is NSFW, 18+. It is mostly chastity, but also contains femdom.
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Almost all of my posts are reblogs. When I post something that I found I will include the link to the original. Nothing on here is of me (so far).

I have no personal experience in most of this stuff, I just get turned on by it. The most experience I have is in making temporary (and often fairly ineffective) homemade chastity belts (the longest I have worn one was probably overnight).

I welcome questions, suggestions, and submissions.
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Locked for mistress

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Morning wood? Not gonna happen.

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It’s locked away and I’m not sure for how long yet.

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May I see a good pic of the lock on your cage?
willhornu0 willhornu0 Said:

Unfortunately I do not currently own a cage. I have thought of getting one but it is inconvenient at this time. I also do not have a keyholder. Sorry. :(


27ème jour

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So hornet and hard my balls are turning purple. Day 2.

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… still horny in office….

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We have arrived at the conclusion that two weeks is just about our absolute limit, and that one week is really too long to go.

It’s a mutual decision, bourne on the back of indescribable physical, mental and emotional attraction — and so, the lock has come off for a short while.

Please enjoy the intermission, whilst we frolic backstage between acts … .


— The Merrylanders

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Tease & deny pt 1

After some serious teasing session. My lovely Hotwife (KH) done really good job as you can see from these pictures. I was dripping constantly, pain and pleasure in a great combination. Can’t wait for another session.

More pics from this night to follow. 

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