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Tease & deny pt 1

After some serious teasing session. My lovely Hotwife (KH) done really good job as you can see from these pictures. I was dripping constantly, pain and pleasure in a great combination. Can’t wait for another session.

More pics from this night to follow. 

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Throb for me you horny chastity slave!



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new play



Rrrrrrreally horny now..

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Day 4 of my latest session of being locked up.


Having my boy all locked away and under my power is an exhilarating experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been more sexually excited in my life. Laying in bed with him and feeling the hard metal against my skin and hearing him beg for an orgasm makes me feel so powerful and so close to him at the same time. Holding his pleasure in my hands turns me on to no end.