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This blog is NSFW, 18+. It is mostly chastity, but also contains femdom.
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Almost all of my posts are reblogs. When I post something that I found I will include the link to the original. Nothing on here is of me (so far).

I have no personal experience in most of this stuff, I just get turned on by it. The most experience I have is in making temporary (and often fairly ineffective) homemade chastity belts (the longest I have worn one was probably overnight).

I welcome questions, suggestions, and submissions.
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"Awww, poor bitch … all those big cocks made your pussy overflow!  Guess I’ll need to leave you locked up another 3 months for making a mess!!"



He won the game so I fulfilled my end of the bargain and gave him the combination before I left.  Then I locked the eyeless hood around his neck and the leather mittens around his wrists.  The dumbfuck never learns that even when he wins, he loses..

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16 days and freshly shaved

Good locked and shaved boy …

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Take three guesses as to what I was viewing this evening. Will I ever learn that Tumblr and metal are a potent combination!

Nice …

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Plugged and belted…. what a fantastic sight… the way it should be!

want that belt on me!


I want

That is the kind of chastity I want!

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Release / No Relief

… what it means to be a chastity slave!

slave10 is allowed a session out of his cage to stroke his little cock … but since it’s not his property. no cumming allowed!! Just frustration, aching balls and back into his device for another 12 weeks!!!


Sweet … Locked boy … In Chastity …

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For those times when you have displeased Sir: pins facing inwards and a pair of compression shorts to make sure you remember about them.

It seems the lock is missing … hmmmm

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Is this a new type of chastity training?

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Happy hump day and happy no hump day to those of us under lock and key